Are You A Spendthrift?

Having too much of money at times can mislead a person. Driving a person crazy making the person wanting to spend their money unnecessarily. Though you might not be such a person, there are people among us, within us who are eagerly waiting to spend their monthly salary on everything they see. They do not care about saving a portion of their earning for their future or their kids future.All that matters to them is the fame. These people are generally called as shopaholics or spendthrifts. However, spendthrifts can be defined as a standard of a part of explaining the character of someone, whereas Shopaholics are those suffering from a mental illness.Being addictive to shopping causes other issues in one’s life. This makes the person shopping, lost in between things and her credit card. This with time will make the person lie to family and friends about the things purchased and the actual prices of it. This habit may have started due to extreme distress, disturbances or stress. And one might feel relieved to shop and forget these things.However, at one point when it becomes difficult to handle the endless bills and credit card payments is when the issue arises.This is why a shopaholic needs to get the support from the family or the loved ones. It is best to join a group or a session where there are people with similar issues This gives you a chance to talk to many like you, understand issues and get rid of this bad habit little by little.

Unnecessary expenditure on beauty products.

Another issue that can be seen increasingly at present is the addiction within youngsters to spend on beauty products and things to beautify ones look. This is not directed at one gender particularly. This is seen between both boys and girl. They call it a ‘trend’, ‘fashion’, or as ‘the it’ look. These new beauty products include whitening creams and whitening lotions, hair growth creams and sprays, hair growth pills, teeth whitening Ballarat, artificial hair plantation, and various other laser treatments. However, it cannot be said that everything they do is healthy. These artificial beauty treatments may end up causing cancers and at times even death.

Considering all the pros and cons of spending money unnecessarily, one might have been able to contemplate that it is very foolish of a person to spend all his money on extra goods or goods that are not a need for humans to live. Especially spending on beauty products and other cosmetic products, which may be dangerous to your skin and health is unworthy and a waste of money. Therefore, one should always think twice before spending their money unwisely.

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