Services Under The Banner Of Embodied Presence

Embodied presence has been offering the services of counselling Byron bay and energy healing therapies in Australia. We have been into this service for a long period of time. Many people have got the benefits from our services and has made our service successful. We provide a therapy of 60 minutes and that’s all a person who has been going through the trauma needs. In one hour, sessions, we can change the life of a person from upside down. We don’t only provide the services of counselling therapy but we have a solution to various issues of human being. We work for the well-being of mental health. 

Following are the services that we have been providing under the banner of Embodied presence.

  • Help in Heroine or Other Kinds of Addiction:

We have seen many people around us especially the adults who start having drugs and drinks for fun. Later on, they become habitual of this and leaving addiction is so bad. With the help of counselling and proper therapy, we can fight against this addiction.

  • Trauma Counselling:

A trauma is something that can shake a person who has gone through a tough of bad situation in life. A trauma can shake a person who has high level of tolerance. If someone has been going through a trauma then he needs a therapy so that he can come out of that situation. Because, if he stays in that situation for long then there are chances that he can lose a hold on life which is not at all good for him.

  • Stress:

A stress is something which can never be seen or visible. Only a person who has been going through it know the struggle of it. There is no significant evidence of particular age group who has become victim of the stress. It can hit anyone even kids go through stress. They have a stress of completing homework and not playing with friends on daily basis. They stress may vary from person to person and their situations.

  • Personal Growth:

We also provide the personal growth therapy. It happens that people stop growing in their specific field due to various reasons. They become fed up of their life. So, they need a little push to go forward. Our professional people give then that push.

  • Phone Sessions:

We are also providing phone therapy sessions so anyone of you unable to come to our premises then there is no issue we can give video call sessions. So, if you are sitting anywhere in the world, you can avail our services.

 Office Sessions:

We provide one on one session because we care about your privacy. So, if you come to our office, we shall give your personal attention and everything would be confidential.

So, come over and vail our services at good prices.