The Flaws Of The Education System

The education system around the world focuses on general subjects and a general curriculum that tests all children at the same standard. The curriculum consists of a lot of information that is not going to be useful to children when they enter adult life and fails to teach children any important information that they will need for adult life. The school education system fails to teach children about voting, the correct food to eat and the food to avoid, taxes and starting a business which essential information that every child needs to know. As a result, in adult life, we find ourselves scrambling for information about how to start a business, how to register a business and how to pay our taxes. Another result of the failed school system is that most adults around the world fail to eat proper nutritious food as they do not have an idea about what kinds of food they need to eat in order to get the vitamins and minerals that they need to survive.

Learning to eat correctly

It is important that children are taught about nutrition in Cairns and the kinds of food that they need to consume in order to stay strong and have a strong immune system.

It is these very children who will one day become parents and bring up the next generation. It is therefore vital that they have a knowledge about nutrition in order to feed their children a proper solid diet in order to help those children grow up strong and healthy.

It is this very lack in our education systems that has resulted in a sick generation of humans who are weak and survive on a diet of nutritionally void food such as McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken instead of good, clean and healthy food that they should be eating to maintain a healthy body.

Is home schooling an option?

Home schooling is certainly an option in many countries however it is illegal in some countries. Even in the case of home schooling however, you are given a curriculum and a syllabus that the child must follow and study in order to take government exams. The schooling system around the world is akin to teaching a host of animals such as cats, dogs, pigs and fish how to climb a tree and testing them on their ability to do so. It does not pay attention to each child’s individual talents and abilities but forces a generalize syllabus upon them that is useless and worthless in real life as an adult.